Sisterly love

Órla adored zoë and vice versa. Although the age gap was 9 years they were very close kissing and hugging one minute fighting like cat & dog the next.  My favourite memory of them together was up in cece’s room (the nickname órla had for her sister) where I would hear them both singing and dancing to the latest chart record, the giggles & squeals were addictive.


Sisterly love

One thought on “Sisterly love

  1. Sharon Mullins I’m reading this now and crying my eyes out me and my daughter has the privilege of knowing orla and meeting her and Jennifer Knew that orla was different from any other child and that she wasn’t being selfish if she didn’t want to play r watch certain things she was a lovely child and had me in stitches laughing at her with the wee comments she would come out with such a beautiful happy child and it’s still hard to believe she’s not here anymore i think this blog is a great idea love RIP ORLA-ROSE XXX

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