Introducing my beautiful daughter Órla Rose:

Born 27th August 2004, she was a very much wanted sister and daughter. My eldest daughter zoë was 9 at the time and was so excited about having a little sister and I just as excited to have my second child. We knew it was a girl as we couldn’t bare to not know when asked the question at my scan.  She arrived a week early and although minor complications with the cord around her neck everything went well.  i felt like a first time mum all over again not sure how i was going to manage but i did.


Princess órla Rose

One thought on “Introducing my beautiful daughter Órla Rose:

  1. My memories of Orla she liked order in her play I use to sit amazed at how she could play tidy and organise Peppa pig and friends in the house, school and rocket. She loved dressing up 👼 the most and u had gotten her so many dress up outfits. she was so happy dressing up as she was able to be free in her own world. I wasn’t there much in the later years Sarah and Orla clashed a lot and it was easier for us to meet up out in the evenings and I didn’t see Orla as much but she was always in my thoughts. this blog is a fantastic way of remembering Orla and anything that u believe will help u I support 100%

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