Missing You

My beautiful darling little girl I cannot believe it is less than a month away from you gone from us two years, how can that be possible? How have I managed to get through these last 23 months?  I think of you every second of everyday thankfully it’s not all tears of sadness but of joy at the beautiful memories you honoured us with.

Yesterday I went to a bbq with all the mommies I met when we started going to playgroups.  All your friends were there and your sister Zoëy took Leigh  your nephew with her aswell.  I was amazed at how grown up they all seemed. In the two short years since you passed I have avoided seeing their children for fear it would hurt too much but it was nice to see how lovely little people their becoming. 

Your BFF Niamh was there, still a bit shy and holding back from the others but then that’s why you got on so well wasn’t it – you could boss her around and she never minded.  She’s turning into a beautiful young lady but then you know that already as I know your always watching over her.

I have filled my life with lots of adventures and places to see as you can’t do it.  Grandma and I have booked 3 more cruises and 4 short breaks over the next year but I would Give it all up for one more hug from you & grandad.

Miss you so much bubba xxxx

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