Four long hard years since you left us to fly with the angels, after only nine and a half years of enjoying your presence in our lives.  At times it only feels like yesterday and at times like today, it feels a lot longer than four years.  Thank God for technology I can still hear your voice and listen to you tales on video.  If I close my eyes really tightly and really concentrate I still feel yours arms around me, but your smell is gone forever and I’m struggling to remember it.

Stay with me baby please I need you my precious bubba

One thought on “4 YEARS

  1. She will never leave you. Four years is such a short time for you and so long for those who are not grieving.
    I was speaking with an elderly man who lost his son aged 11 decades ago. He told me that each night he says a prayer for him and sheds a tear before he sleeps.
    I told this to two friends, one who’d lost a child, one who hadn’t. The one who hadn’t thought it was so sad for him to be still mourning while the one who’d lost a child found it comforting to know the loss would always be felt. As she said, the worst thing about the pain of grief would be to think that one day it might go and she’d think less often about her boy.


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