Archive | January 2021


I dreamed of you my baby and it felt so precious. I knew in my dream you were dead and this was just a dream so I kept cuddling and kissing you so I could feel you again and I did I could you were real again just for those brief moments. I remembered your smile, your cheekiness and the cute little way you walked when you were a toddler. My dream then skipped to when you were older and I used to get you dressed for school. Even in my dream I was feeling apprehensive in case I’d chosen the wrong clothes or you’d refuse to get dressed. God you were hard work my angel but I loved every single bone in your body and would give anything to have you here beside me again.

I miss you so much bubba. Today is a day when I feel like I could easily be persuaded to be with you and granda and not here living my life as it is right now.

Stay close to me these next few days baby, I need to feel you beside me.

Love momma