To Órla Rose

Mommy loves and misses you, I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging lately life has been difficult.

A virus took hold of our community and changed the world around us. Lots of people died and we weren’t allowed to see each other for quite some time. Mommy got very depressed, she was stuck living with jim and his son with a huge caravan outside in her back garden. She didn’t get to see her friends and took to drinking away her problems.

Our wedding was cancelled and my relationship was put under a lot of pressure.

There were positives also grandma saw how alone she is living in Dublin and decided to move up beside me to the house next door.

We were both grateful that we didn’t have to see you and grandad succumb to this horrendous disease because people were dying and nobody was allowed to be with them so they died on their own or with only strangers around them. That would have been so difficult for all of us if you were both still here.

Mummy now lives on her own it’s been 5 months since Jim moved out and I now own the house by myself. I like living on my own most of the time but it’s so nice knowing grandma is only next door. I rescued 2 kittens and wow do I love them. Your dog Lillipup turned 9 and is still a big pain in my bum but she is such a loyal dog.

I had all my skin surgery’s now and so am feeling the best in my body ever. I get such a thrill from buying clothes. Jim and I still see each other but he went back to England so it’s only maybe once or twice a month but for now it suits both of us.

Mummy’s needed a little extra help and has gone back to counselling to deal with all the stuff I’ve pushed to the back of my mind. I’m looking forward and not backwards so bring on 2022.

I’m not ready to be with you and granda yet I’ve still so much living in front of me. I love you so much my little bubba, thanks for being around me when I need you I feel yours and grandads strength and protection. I will come through this.

Until we meet again, mummy loves you ❤️

One of my fav photos since I’ve had my surgery taken in sep 21 in lanzarote
My new arrivals Oreo & Patch
Me and my boy we still talk about you everyday and this year Leigh has your old teacher Mrs brown
Grandma and CeCe if it wasn’t for your sister I don’t know how I’d get by.

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