image                                    Our last birthday on earth



This is my way of keeping the memory of my beautiful daughter Órla Rose alive she was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at 5 years and cystic fibrosis at 6 years old.  Órla gained her angel wings on 16th June 2014.  My life will never be the same but I’m learning to accept a ‘new’ me. I have had to learn strategies at dealing with her passing and this blog I believe will help me recount our precious memories and keep her close to my heart at all times.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Can’t believe how strong you are. This is fantastic. Love your strength and will. Life is short and you only have one as you have learnt only too well over the last 6 months. Love you so much sis and can’t wait to see you and mum this. Christmas.xxxx

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  2. What a beautiful tribute to your daughter.
    I’m so very sorry you are experiencing this pain. Thank you for finding my blog so I could find you. Prayers of strength and hope to you.. God is with you….

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